Dinners & Homemade Meals


Including fish, shrimp, jamaican jerk, chicken, stir fry and much more…

Wet your appetite below:

Dinners (Fish)

Served with French Fries or Rice, Coleslaw & Bread
Catfish (No Bone)
-- 3 Piece
Ocean Perch (No Bone)
-- 3 Piece
-- 3 Piece

Shrimp Dinners

Served w/ French Fries or Rice, Coleslaw & Bread
15pc: $7.9525pc: $11.95
Jumbo Shrimp
6pc: $8.9512pc: $16.95

Homemade Meals

Jamaican Jerk Chicken$8.95
Chicken Shish Kabob$8.95
Kufta Shish Kabob$8.95
Baked Chicken$8.95
Indian Meat Ball$8.95
Chicken or Steak Fajitas$8.95
Chicken or Steak Stir Fry$8.95
Served With Rice, Bread, Veggy