Philly Cheesesteaks: The Best in Town

100% thin sliced beef chopped on grill or 100% marinated chicken breast all served in long Italian toasted bread, served with grilled green peppers, grilled onion, grilled mushrooms, cheese, mayo (Meal served with French Fries & Soda)
Make It A Meal: Fries & Soda - $2.75
Philly Cheesesteak
(Phat Cat)
Jamaican Philly$6.65
BBQ Philly$6.65
Buffalo Ranch Philly$6.65
Fajita Philly$6.65
Garlic Parmesan Philly$6.65
Teriyaki Philly$6.65
Italian Philly$6.65
Corned Beef Philly$6.65
Chicken Philly (Big Daddy)$6.45
Jamaican Chicken Philly$6.65
BBQ Chicken Philly$6.65
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Philly$6.65
Fajita Chicken Philly$6.65
Garlic Chicken Philly$6.65
Teriyaki Chicken Philly$6.65
Italian Chicken Philly$6.65